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A New Direction to Represent Professional Talent

Centered around our goals is a commitment to the ideal of discovering the best possible direction for each client and his family. At Black Seed Agency, we understand the importance of client relationships, and also realize that each client’s career must be managed with individualized goals in mind. Every step our company has taken is with this principle at the forefront. Black Seed Agency & Management will always be operated to ethically serve our clients’ interests, while at the same time providing the best legal, financial and agent services available in an environment where our clients and their families are involved every step of the way.


Our goal has been, and always will be, to provide a service to our clients that is the best in the business. A service that will put the client on the platform, while we remain in the background, in an advisory capacity.


We take a personal interest in our client's needs, providing professional guidance, support every step of the way.


We focus on building long term, dependable relationship with our clients.